Who We Are

Pastor JuritschPastor Richard Juritsch |   email
Pastor Juritsch has served at Grace Lutheran Church since May, 2001. He is loved, and at times endured, by his daughter, Katie, who tries to keep him in line since her dear mother and his dear wife, Lois, was called to be with the Lord on April 17 in the year of our Lord 2013. Born to immigrants from Germany and Austria, he preaches and ministers in both German and English and has a great appreciation of sauerkraut and liverwurst. Jesus made him His child as a baby in Holy Baptism on August 15, 1965. Despite Pastor’s best efforts to pursue a vocation in mathematics, Jesus called him to serve in the Office of the Public Ministry in 1993. Pastor is easily distracted by bad jokes, woodworking, books and food.  By the way, he is currently beardless and there is a bit more snow on the roof.  You can send him an email at pastorjuritsch@gmail.com.